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Ballina Printers

Swing Tags

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The extra text and/or imagery on a Swing Tag can effectively communicate product features and benefits, personalised messages, upcoming specials, competitions and/or seasonal messages. The opportunities are limited only by imagination, the Swing Tags can be very effective in influencing the final purchase decision.

On a counter or at the shelf a potential purchaser's decision could be already made about which product to buy or they could still be still undecided and looking at packaging and looking for information. A swing tag could swing that final decision in your products favour.

Point of Purchase Swing Tags by Ballina Printer provides great real estate to deliver messages via texts and/or imagery to persuade potential customers at the final decision. They are effective in influencing impulse purchase categories, providing additional technical details, for running competitions and promotions; as well as for conveying detailed brand, product or service offers. 

The Swing Tags from Ballina Printers come in a variety of print styles and colours. Ballina Printers also produces custom size Swing Tags - just get in touch via the Contact Us Page

On brand professional looking Swing Tags provide extra space, over and above labels, so that there is an opportunity to influence potential and current consumers at the point of purchase. 

Talk to us about our in-house creative ideas if you are looking for inspiration.


If you are providing artwork, please:

1. Follow the artwork specifications (see link):

2. Email your print ready artwork to