Artwork Specifications

The first step to a beautifully printed product is making sure that the artwork is set up correctly for print. To ensure that your artwork is Print Ready and at Ballina Printers standards please ensure that it meets the following requirements.

  • We require all artwork to be supplied as a High Quality/Press Quality PDF.
  • All images included in the artwork should be 200-300 DPI.
  • All fonts should be embedded or converted to outlines.
  • All files are to have a minimum of 3mm bleed.
  • Files are to be supplied at the correct finish size with trim marks included.
  • Artwork is to be supplied in CMYK.

Failure to meet any of the above requirements may result in artwork being rejected. Ballina Printers has an experienced Design/Prepress team available. If you are unsure about any of the requirements or would like to get your artwork checked please contact us at


Submitting Your Artwork

Once your order has been placed you will receive an order confirmation email with instructions on where to submit your artwork. Once your artwork has been submitted our prepress team will check the file and get back to you with any issues or a proof file for you to sign off on.


Printing Terms Explained

Bleed - Bleed is printed content that extends beyond the trimmed edge of your final print. The purpose of bleed is to prevent white gaps from being left around the edge during the trimming process.

DPI - The term “DPI” stands for “Dots Per Inch”. The higher the DPI the higher the quality of the Image. Any artwork less than 200dpi can result in a grainy or low-resolution print.

Embedded Fonts - Embedding fonts ensures that all the font information used in your document is stored in the PDF file. Having the fonts embedded will stop any issues with fonts changing as your artwork is processed for print.

Fonts Converted to outline - Another way to avoid issues with fonts when your artwork is being processed is to convert them to outlines. This changes your text so it is no longer text and is now a graphic.

Trim Marks - Trim marks, also known as crop marks are lines printed on the page to indicate where the sheet will be trimmed down to the correct finish size.

CMYK - Printing presses reproduce colour with four coloured inks - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). Colours used in digital design (on screen) use RGB colours.

RGB - RGB colours (Red Green and Blue) are coloured used for digital design (on Screen). Files that are supplied in RGB can be converted by our in-house Prepress team but the RGB colour space does not correspond exactly to the CMYK colour space therefore the colours may not print exactly how you wanted.